Welcome to Rose Popay!

The site is a bit bare bones at the moment but I hope you find what you are looking for in the gallery section. If not do get in touch.

I am often found painting live at weddings and parties this can be on my own or I can charm the guests to join in as an interactive entertainment! My presences adds a wonderful sense of occasion and guests delight in seeing the picture develop before there eyes.

I have captured many homes and family portraits  in my unique ‘Popayspectives’ -your home interior immortalised on a canvas…your possessions…your arangments..your style presented as a piece of art. Some have people in situ, and some like it simply without. The paintings  look fabulous hung on the wall within the space it’s depicted or taken away to the next home.

I can also work from photos if need.

Do get in touch to check availability and discuss size and price options.

I am very flexible and aim to please. Working with fine art, performance, illustration and teaching I am always building and perfecting my skill set

Please browse through my gallery of images.