Rose Popay was born in Bath South West of England in 1974. She was born into a group of internationally acclaimed street theatre performers, interjecting strong visual and comedic theatre at street level. Natural Theatre Company. Rose went on to also work professionally with this company and has traveled the world over creating hilarious situations with all walks of life. Often funded by Arts Council England she performed in Nigeria, Lapland, Russia, China, Buckingham Palace, Swindon high street to name a few. She went on to gain a Fine art sculpture BA(HONS) Leeds University.

Now based in Bristol she continues to work within the arts in various locations. Often uniting her performance skills with her Fine art and appearing at various events creating live artworks in a larger than life persona.

Rose loves to make her art accessible and personal and on occasion, she can encourage the public to join in.  She has made a name for her self-doing Live Event paintings and sketches. She is often found working her magic at Weddings.

Her unique Popayspectives capture people’s homes on a canvas through her wonderfully playful eye.

Rose has been photographed by David Baily, exhibited alongside Damien Hirst and Banksy and works amongst the public in community projects and workshops.

Rose is a delight to work with and is always full of great ideas and enthusiasm for life. Her skill set is wide covering – fine art painting, performance, illustration, digital drawing, ceramics, sculpture, set making, workshop leader to name a few.

Roses colourful vibrant upbringing and outlook on life still oozes through her work today.